Super-Resolution Technique is a digital image processing technique. It's the technique that creates output signals by enhancing the resolution of input signals. This makes it possible to output/display films and stills images with high resolutin.

Enlarge/Shrink Imgaes

When enlarging a small image, such problems as "Roughness" and "Noise" occur. We adopted our original super-resolution enlargement algorism. This enables you to enlarge images clearly by removing noise. The result of our comparison test with other companies software show that 92% of images(approx 10,000 sample images) became clearer using our software. (Our Survey)
You can also enlarge multiple images all together by selecting multiple files from your folder.

Rermove Noise

Lots of noise appear on images taken by digital camera. Picture noise cause lots of problems For example, Block Noise and Mosquito Noise appear on JPG Images, and Noise occurded by High ISO Speed and long exposure when taking pictures of the night view. With PIXEL MASTER you can remove all the noise by clicking on a button. This high fuctioning noise removal is approved by professional photogrephers. It's also possible to remove noise by folder selection.

Vectorize  Images

You can vectorize images that are deteriorated by faxing, photocopying and scanning. It's possible to save images as EPS file by vectorizing logos or illustrations. We adopted Morphology Technique and this means that you can remove noise and fill holes easily. This function is ideal for vectorizing deteriorated images.
※Current version supports only black & whilte output

Operating Environment

PC Operation Environment Software Operation I/O Image
OS Windows 32bit(7,8,10)
Windows 64bit(7,8,10)
CPU Above Clock 2GHz
Display Above 1024×768 Display
RAM Above 2GB Recommended
Basic Specification Windows GUI Application
Necessary Libraries .Net Framework 4.0
Online distribution Available
Licence Management Enter the licence key to obtain
the regular version
Trial Distribution Available
Display Windows 1
Simultaneous Multiple
Maximum Resolution 16384×16384pixel
Color Resolution (Max) Color 24 bit (RGB 8bit each)
Fit to screen when loading Available
Handling Multiple images Not Available

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